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Dyno Services

The Automotive Performance Tuning facility is equipped with a Dynojet 224xLC dynamometer. This unit is capable or measuring up to 2000hp+ and 200mph. With its Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit, this dynamometer is able to perform loaded tests including step, sweep, and wind drag simulation. This is especially useful when tuning cars with stand-alone engine management systems.

APTuning is also able to tune many aftermarket stand-alone engine management systems in house including Autronic, Electromotive's TEC series, Lugtronic, and Maestro.

Full OBD2 data monitoring/logging is also available with DynoJet's new Data-Link module. When used with the dynamometer, this module can provide real-time data such as spark advance, throttle position, coolant temperature, inlet air temperature, and much more. This data can be placed on a chart with your dyno results.

Dyno rates are:

  • Three (3) pulls with printout - $70.00
  • Three (3) pulls with Air/Fuel readout and printout - $85.00

Hourly and daily rentals are available by appointment, please call for details: 717.272.0916