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Towing & Transport

APTuning now offers towing and transport to our facility. We can do local and long distance towing and hauling for everything from a side of the road break down to picking up project vehicles for major modifications.

We currently have two Ford trucks, a F-350 and F-550. This allows us to tow vehicles via a standard rollback or flat trailer, and since we specialize in Audi/Porsche/VW great care is taken when transporting especially when dealing with lowered and high-end applications.(as opposed to a standard tow-truck or wrecker).

Also since we would be providing the transport to our facility for repair/modification we guarantee to offer the best pricing possible. Arrangements can also be made for pickup in evenings and on weekends to suit our customers busy schedules, please don't hesitate to call to schedule a pickup: 717-272-0916