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APTuning Breaks Ground on Building Renovations!!

Automotive Performance Tuning LLC is pleased to announce that, after 8 years in the same location with the same footprint, yesterday it broke ground on a major renovation and remodel. The building will basically double in size upon completion. This is all in an effort to better serve the customer from availability of in stock parts to speediness of job completion, all while maintaining the professionalism and high-end appeal customer have grown accustomed to from APTuning.

Click on "More Info" to read about our plans to use the new space and view pictures of the construction.


Plans are to add an additional 2 bays of work area with another lift, alignment rack, and add to our current Dyno-Jet Dyno to make it 4WD/AWD capable. There will also be a 2nd floor which will give much more storage space to increase our already extensive inventory of performance and replacement parts and it will allow offices to be moved upstairs to increase showroom size.

Included are some pictures of the first day of chaos:


Another day of digging and dust with the destruction of more concrete and blacktop: